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LOGAN, Utah – Producer of bed pillows, linens and toppers, Malouf said it set a company showroom attendance record at the recent Las Vegas Market with its launch of the CarbonCool Plus Omniphase pillow. The new pillow combines the temperature regulation properties of graphite with Omniphase technology see here now ­— a proprietary application of phase change material (PCM) — to provide instant cooling sensation that lasts through the night, according to the company. Malouf kept details of the CarbonCool under wraps until Las Vegas Market began. In the showroom, thermal imaging devices demonstrated the difference between normal foam and its proprietary CarbonCool memory foam. The demonstrations generated market buzz, and the company reported daily increases to its showroom traffic and eventually broke its previous traffic number by more than 30 percent. Omniphase PCM provides heat transfer and thermal regulation through microencapsulated materials that continually change based on the temperature of the heat source. At the molecular level, the material inside the capsules changes from a solid to a liquid when the temperature is high and vice versa when the temperature is low. This continuous cycle is designed keep the pillow surface between 87 and 91 degrees, which research shows is the ideal skin temperature range for deep sleep. The pillow is also infused with super-conductive graphite particles that inherently move heat away from the head, face and neck. The CarbonCool is covered in Tencel mesh that quickly absorbs and releases moisture for a soft, breathable feel.

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Their range of linen consists of sheets, quilts, duvets and pillow covers. They are sold direct to the customer online, cutting all middlemen-markups, explains Ami. "Amouve products are GOTS certified -- the Global Organic Textile Standard is the highest global standard for organic textiles," she says dismissing any doubts on how organic these products may be. She further explains that regular bedding is composed of conventional cotton or BT cotton grown using GMO seeds and pesticides. "This affects everyone from the farmer to the end customer. The farmer who buys patented seeds and pesticides from companies at increased prices, is forced to buy these every year, prohibiting them to grow it on their own.This leads to increased debt and ultimately suicides," she says trying to simplify some of the reasons for the switch to organic. Cotton accounts for nearly 24 per cent of the world’s insecticide market, adds Ami. Their 'Everyday Luxury' collection of bedsheet sets is inspired by minimalist Scandinavian style. The 'Lyric' Collection' is inspired by travel -- from the Mughal gardens of Kashmir, the Red Mountains of Colorado, from Morocco's vibrant exuberance to the discerning European metros. Sink-in duvets come in navy and charcoal, as opposed to just white, making them perfectly fine to use without a cover, adds Ami.

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